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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy


The resort Baía da Barca was created in order to promote nature tourism and educate people about the benefits of living in harmony with it, so we promote sustainable tourism, the example we have tanks of rainwater tanks for use throughout the complex, we use heat pumps and solar panels that provide hot water through the energy extracted from the ambient air and the sun, all our lamps are low energy, the pool water is extracted directly from the sea avoiding the use chemicals and waste in its treatment of a public good is as important as drinking water, do not use natural gas in our apartments, the brochures are printed on recycled paper, at the beginning of each year, the Managing Partner meets with the with employees in order to identify improvements that can be made in terms of energy efficiency and customer awareness for our work and concern for the environment instilling the principle of continuous improvement. This work is facilitated due to familiarization with the project management of the Bay of Barca who coordinates all work in accordance with its objectives.

As mentioned earlier the main objective is sustainable tourism, from its conception to the idea of ​​becoming the accommodation service on the island of Pico to a reference level of contact with nature would be a goal to achieve, that is why we work daily in order to make people realize that there are only advantages in a healthy life in harmony with our surroundings.


The Managing Partner,

Dr. João Paulo Martins

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