Hotel Baia da Barca


The Baía da Barca complex is located on the seafront, in Vila da Madalena, belonging to Pico island in the Azores archipelago, a strategic destination, four hours away from the American continent and two hours from the European continent where you will find nature in its purest state with intense greens and blues that offer our guests a relaxing and profound encounter with their origins.

From Baía da Barca hotel we provide direct access to the sea.

You can also enjoy the magnificent panoramic views of Pico mountain, or relax on the outdoor stone tables overlooking the sea.

Hotel Baia da Barca

Air Accessibility

Pico airport is 7.5 km away, offering inter-island flights with Faial, Terceira and São Miguel and direct connections to Lisbon airport.

Hotel Baia da Barca

Maritime Accessibility

The complex is located 800 metres from the maritime passenger port where inter-island connections are made throughout the year. The Pico/Faial island connection lasts 15 minutes and the Pica/São Jorge island connection lasts 30 minutes.