Hotel Baia da Barca

Environmental Policy

Since the beginning, the Baía da Barca team has been deeply concerned about the promotion of sustainable tourism and to create greater environmental awareness in the island and in the guests who visit it, through its environmental policy and respect for the environment and nature.

Living on an island often means a lack of access to innovative products, but our team has never crossed its arms in search of greener solutions.

Recently, with society’s greater openness to this issue and concern for the future of our planet, more conscious alternatives have emerged.

We know that we still have a long way to go, but our desire to live in harmony with Mother Nature is enormous and at the moment, these are the measures implemented at Baía da Barca:

  • In order to avoid plastic waste, we have at guests’ disposal a reusable glass bottle, which they can refill as often as they need;
  • We have bags in the apartments for recycling waste;
  • Disposable mops were replaced with reusable ones;
  • All cleaning products used are ecological;
  • We use sea water in the artificial pool, in order to avoid wasting drinking water;
  • We have rainwater reservoirs for use throughout the complex;
  • We use heat pumps, which supply hot water through energy extracted from the air;
  • The leftovers of organic waste produced at breakfast are used to feed chickens, which provide eggs, thus contributing to the circular economy;
  • We practice waste recycling;
  • We belong to the Green Grease program, in which cooking oil is used in the production of detergents;
  • We reuse coffee grounds for fertilising plants;
  • All lamps are energy efficient.

Small individual actions are the greatest transforming force known.

Having a conscious attitude towards our consumption habits is the best way to change the world.