Hotel Baia da Barca

Baía da Barca

Our concept

The need to create a place that would welcome our visitors in a dignified manner; the hard-work, perseverance and dedication to an old dream that today is called Baía da Barca, led its partners to face this challenge as a stimulus for the development of the project in harmony with its surroundings.

The construction of a group of apartments a few metres from the sea was planned to the smallest detail, from its architectural setting with the volcanic rock, its protection against all types of weather and mainly with the comfort and exclusivity of its guests’ experience with the existing natural beauty in mind.

We are a versatile property that combines the accommodation service with a relaxing experience in a unique relationship and symbiosis of human beings with all the elements of nature, thus, the solutions proposed in panoramic units overlooking the sea, mountains and neighbouring islands are ideal for those who want ilha do Pico to be a base for memorable holidays, enabling a set of experiences on the three islands that make up the well-known triangle of the Azores (Pico, Faial and S. Jorge).

Hotel Baia da Barca

Destination: Ilha do Pico

Ilha do Pico is a safe and tranquil island with a mild climate throughout the year, and a vast offer centred on nature tourism, with Pico Mountain as a backdrop with its 2351 metres of altitude and all the surrounding beauty.

Here you can enjoy the Protected Landscape of ilha do Pico’s Vine Culture, classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, and taste the variety and richness of the local gastronomy, and enjoy a stay in a peaceful and sustainable destination, without mass tourism and in communion with pure and untouched nature.

Hotel Baia da Barca

Vila da Madalena has a peaceful and very quiet lifestyle, ideal for those who need to escape the stress of big cities and don’t want to be completely isolated from the world.

The waves in our bay during the winter and the crystal clear waters in the summer provide tranquillity and a unique beauty right at our doorstep.