Baía da Barca

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Short Description

Baía da Barca - Short Description

The Need to create a site that received in a dignified manner when visiting us, intransigence , perseverance and dedication to an old dream that is now called Baía da Barca, led its members to face this challenge as a stimulus for the development of society in harmony with its surroundings.

We care about nature by promoting sustainable development, the example we have tanks reservoirs of rainwater for use across the enterprise, we use heat pumps and solar panels that provide hot water through the energy extracted from the air, all our bulbs are low consumption, the pool water is extracted directly from the sea, avoiding the use of chemicals in your treatment and waste of a public good is as important as drinking water. We offer space, comfort, and a single contact with the sea in a relaxing environment through an innovative solution for housing. Aparthotel function as providing the services of a hotel as well as the space and comfort of a house always aiming to make you feel at home in Pico Island.

" At the highest point of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean will find nature and tranquility you have always dreamed. "

Four hours away from the Americas and two hours from the European Continent find nature in its purest state with intense greens and blues that offer the human a meeting relaxed and deep with their origins. The Vila Madalena has a lifestyle very quiet and peaceful, ideal for those who need to escape the stress of big cities and do not want to be completely isolated from human contact, the waves of our bay during the winter and the clear waters in summer provide tranquility and unique beauty in which you can watch in the front row through our facilities.

A Unique Place.

  • Safe
  • Quiet
  • Gastronomic
  • Good Climate
  • Proximity to other islands ( Faial , S. Jorge )
  • No Mass Tourism
  • Mountain
  • Contact with nature pure and untouched
  • Protected landscape of vine growing on the island of Pico , a UNESCO world heritage site.


"2nd best islands in the world for sustainable tourism" - NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC

"Pico Island. One of the best islands in the world to live" - ISLANDS 

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