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In 2008, when the Baía da Barca was built, two dragon trees were transplanted to the pool area that are currently maintained. During this procedure, the one located next to the natural solarium, facing the sea (Draco), was injured in the trunk due to the difficulty in transporting it. The injured area was treated in the hope of surviving.

The years have passed and although the foliage on the side facing the sea has never recovered, luckily Draco has developed and survived along with Baía da Barca to all the bad weather.

This tree is for us a symbol of resilience and a source of inspiration. Perhaps a willingness to live and gratitude for all the love that has been given to him over the years, in his treatment and with the care used around the balcony around his branches and the use of a net, protecting him from the salt of the sea. sea ​​in the early years, when it was still fragile.

It is here that a new perception of energy begins between the human being and his elements, which culminates in achieving an experience of harmony and serenity, restoring an emotional and spiritual balance to those who allow themselves to be freed by the opportunity to charge their energies through nature.

Proteção das Zonas Verdes



The island of Pico is one of the 9 islands in the Azores, which in addition to its majestic and mysterious mountain, exudes a natural energy that is visible to all who visit it. The 4 elements (earth, fire, water and air) are very present, as well as the true essence of life and the connection between human beings and nature, which can be experienced in a genuine way throughout the island.

The contact and proximity to the sea served as inspiration for a new concept of connecting all our guests to the natural elements and their benefits.
Thus, Baía da Barca has allied itself to this combination between human beings and nature through the sustainable measures already implemented in its operation, in respect and contact with natural elements and in the possibility of experiencing the connection with them also in this your refuge.

The elements are an integral part of matter and the physical universe, and the human body being a physical creation existing in the material realm, it also contains all four elements. Maintaining a balance between these elements is essential to ensure physical and psychological well-being, as the disruption of the delicate harmony of the elements gives rise to illness and malaise.

With this, our goal is to try to achieve harmony and balance at a spiritual level, in order to expand our consciousness and consequently reach the ether (serenity and peace).

In this way, Baía da Barca decided to create a relaxation experience aligned with the 4 elements.

There will be at your disposal some practices that you can do in the places for each element (as you can see on the map) or also in the comfort of your room.

We invite you to experience, relax and share this experience.


Veja os nossos Elementos




The Earth element represents our connection with the physical body, with our bases and orientations of daily life. It is also a symbol of firmness, strength, determination, objectivity and stability.

Just as trees need to develop robust roots in order to grow beautiful, healthy and tall, so we must create these same foundations, to feel safe and supported to grow. By creating deep roots, a healthy body and a strong sense of identity, we are safe ourselves, wherever our journeys take us.

In this way, we invite you to try “earthing1”, while doing the following practice.

Barefoot, position yourself on the sand square, facing the ocean. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths. Visualize the planet Earth and imagine it as a blue and luminous sphere. As you inhale, the sphere gets larger, while you exhale it decreases. You and the planet are breathing together and in harmony. Now deposit all your worries and anxieties in the center of the Earth. Let go of those fears, allow them to dissolve in the center of the Earth. Now let your breath bring you vitality and firmness. Conclude by thanking you for your life here on Earth.


1 - "Earthing" - is the act of establishing a physical connection between you and the Earth's natural energy, coming into contact with the surface, bare feet.




This element is obviously associated with heat, light and energy. But we, children of volcanic islands, forged by lava, believe that fire symbolizes the principle that generates life, namely the origin of the mountain island and its rest, as well as the origin of the Baía da Barca, built on black basalt. He is the driving force, that which moves us and feeds our passion for this dream, allowing us to continue to believe.

To carry out the following practices, go to the fire pit.

Write down some thoughts / aspects of your life that you don't like on a piece of paper. Then burn the paper, visualizing their release from your life. Then write positive affirmations that light your fire and bring you a sense of well-being.

"Breath of Fire"

Sit comfortably on one of the stone benches, with your back straight. Loosen your shoulders and neck. Place your hands on your knees with your palms facing upwards (you can also place a hand on your belly to feel it rise while you breathe).

Inhale through your nose, expanding your belly. Without pausing, exhale hard through your nose while contracting your abdominal muscles. Keep the same duration of inhalation and exhalation. Start by practicing this breathing for a period of 1 to 3 minutes and work it up according to your abilities. If you feel dizzy or dizzy, take a break, drink water and breathe normally. Some of these sensations are normal, while your body adjusts to the new breath, and also results from the release of toxins and other chemicals, through this technique.

(This technique is contraindicated for pregnant women or women who are menstruating. It is also not recommended for people suffering from hypertension, epilepsy and cardiovascular diseases.)




Element that represents the dream, healing, purification, regeneration, change, fertility, unconditional love.

Even in our mother's womb our connection to this element begins, in addition our physical body is made up of 60% more water and the planet where we live 70%.

For Baía da Barca this element is particularly important, because in addition to being in contact with it every day, it is also in it that we seek much of our daily inspiration.

The following practice is a simple meditation, but the truth is that just being in this place, seeing and hearing the waves crashing, smelling the sea air and even simply wetting your body in this water, alone is enough. revitalizing.

Sit comfortably. Breathe and concentrate on the sound of the sea for 5 minutes.

Try to empty your mind. When thoughts interfere, focus again on the sound of the sea. Let this sound deeply relax your body and mind with each inhalation. Allow this contact with the sea, with the water element to make you feel better physically and spiritually. When you feel ready, finish your meditation.



Air is the link between the visible and the invisible. It represents the moment of renewal, through the breathing process that transports oxygen essential for the survival and reproduction of cells. The more renewed, the more functional capacity the mental plane has, in its ideas, creativity and imagination. We can only create, when we are free of the old and already established, to accept new ways of thinking, being and being.

Start by breathing gently through your nose, feeling the fresh air. Visualize yourself breathing through every pore. Let your whole being breathe, receiving the energy that is around you and allow that global breath to purify your body of the toxins retained. Allow air to circulate through your internal organs. Breathe in communion with the Universe. Now observe your breathing rhythm and slowly return to your physical body. Give thanks for this moment of deep connection with your breath.


Dracaena draco



The dragon tree owes its name to the color of its sap, which after oxidized by exposure to air forms a pasty, blood-red substance, mostly made up of ethers, and other substances, including dracenin.   

In the Middle Ages, at the time called “dragon's blood”, it was widely marketed and appreciated for various purposes, not only medicinal, but also for dyeing fabrics, varnishing violins and even in magic and alchemy rituals. For many years, the secret about its origin was kept, leading people to believe that it was really dragon's blood and thus better enjoy its benefits and cures.

In the Azores there are some famous specimens, namely in the area of ​​Água de Alto beach, on the island of São Miguel and in the wine museum, on the island of Pico, a forest of centenary dragon trees. They were classified by the Azorean parliament as protected trees, however, some doubts remain about whether these specimens will be descendants of native specimens or if this species was introduced by humans.



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