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T1 Panoramic Sea

Baía da Barca - T1 Panoramic SeaApartment ideal for lovers of the sea, through your balcony can be sighted the mountain and our wonderful Atlantic Ocean and the room the feeling of seeing the sea at your feet. This unit is equipped with a full bathroom, kitchenette, living room with fireplace and bedroom, is very open and spacious with a floor area of 53.5 m2 inside.

Total units: 2.

Note: These units (T1 Panoramic Sea, T1 Panoramic Mountain, T1 Standard) are inserted on Baía da Barca Service which includes:

  • Breakfast
  • Room-service on schedule
  • Access Jacuzzi and Sauna on request
  • Car parking
  • Wireless internet access in the unit and use the PC during reception hours.

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